Milwaukee scramblepop four-piece The Fatty Acids have released music on Brooklyn’s Uninhabitable Mansions, their own Kribber Krown imprint, and, after a race among UK companies to sign them, London’s Pink Lizard Music.

New single ‘Worst Part (Radio Edit)’, already picked up by Spotify‘s bands-about-to-break ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, is cut from the original version on their album Boléro. Kelly Michael Anderson, who has been filming the band for its entire seven-year life, has stitched a whirlwind promo that offers a glimpse of the ‘Acids glorious, full-throttle journey through the US MidWest indie underground to date.

Basically this is our favourite ever band from Milwaukee.  We love them because they are independent, thoughtful, honest and brilliant.

For the launch of Boléro, they wore green lycra bodysuits and had themselves projected into live visuals by WC TANK while renting a quadruple-size wind dancer of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers to bounce around the stage. For their arena support slot to Flaming Lips at this year’s Summerfest, they assembled a supporting cast of singing, dancing and vibing friends that more than doubled their number, putting on a show so surprising that renowned cultural appropriation apologist Wayne Coyne hailed them as ‘freaks’.

We can’t disagree. Nor would we want to. Take their recent video premiere with Impose Magazine: ‘I Try Not To Freak Out About It’, which features the ‘Acids inserting themselves into the 1993 Superbowl Halftime Show in place of Michael Jackson. Among its many memorable images, the one that sticks in our collective mind is of Derek (bassist)’s revolving pizza nipples.

Fortunately, not everyone sees freakishness as a negative thing – or perhaps they transmute it into something they find more palatable, as Steve Lamacq may have done when he said as he played ‘Airsick’ on BBC 6Music at drivetime “this is how they do angular art pop in Milwaukee.”

But if we have to choose, we prefer Roger Hill from BBC Merseyside‘s Pure Musical Sensations, who on hearing ‘Flamingo Graveyard’ commented: “fascinating stuff… very kind of provocatively… what’s the word um… I dunno. It’s… it’s a kind of um hybrid pop is all I’ll say… with a rather rancid edge to it. Seems to work for me.”

And for us.

To complement the original, we have assembled for you remixes by Rob Macfarlane (MTA Records), Riley Lake (Astral Plane) and Benbo (Cooking Vinyl).

Please take these songs and spread them into the universe.

The Lizard Illuminati